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It's a known fact: When it comes to used equipment, you should know exactly who you're dealing with.

Since 1987 already, the name MOROF has been known worldwide for commercial fairness and good prices, for utmost professionalism and guaranteed quality when buying used graphics machines. Today MOROF delivers more than 200 print works per year in the offset area alone, in more than 50 countries, making it one of the leading dealers in the field.


In our location near Stuttgart/Germany with 1000 sqm floor space we keep a wide assortment of tested graphics machines to meet every standard.
To top it off, we have an additional 1000 sqm floor space in reserve. This provides us with sufficient space
to stock or store machines upon request, as well as for overhauling and cleaning.


Upon request we will handle the disassembly including quality test (including offprint), transportation and the worldwide
reassembly (including hardproof) of graphics machines. Instruction and training through our skilled specialists are also part of our comprehensive range of services.


To ensure smooth international deliveries we ensure all country specific formalities have been fulfilled and the required export papers are complete. In order for the valuable machines to safely arrive at their new
owner's site, they are carefully packaged by our pros with great care. So even for buyers in the farthest countries - from Germany - we provide noticeable customer proximity.

Spare parts

Looking for a spare part for your graphics machine? Give us a call!
We ship all required original replacement parts promptly, reliably and worldwide from our well-assorted spare parts warehouse - at prices you will like.

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